Poppy Kids

One to One/Families

one to one or family sessions are ideal for family groups, siblings or children who have a more specific issue or may struggle with group classes.

These sessions are planned with the individual needs of you and your family in mind, We can work on any issue such as anger/mood management, happiness, confidence, bullying, stress, self esteem, exam nerves, kindness, positivity, sibling squabbles or whatever you like!

I have worked with families with children of all ages from toddlers right up to older teenagers, I use a combination of age-appropriate games, crafts, activities, yoga, self massage, mindfulness, breathing techniques, positive affirmations, goal setting and visualisations in my sessions. I teach calming techniques children can use in every day situations at home or school. I can work with the whole family, an individual child or a group of siblings.

I will give you lots of exercises and techniques for you and your children to use at home, and relaxation "challenges" for you to try as a family. My aim is to help you to improve the relationship between all the members of your family and for there to be less conflict and more kindness!

If you think this would help your child please give me a call and we can discuss the best way forward. I usually have a chat with you first to find out what you would like to achieve and the best approach for you and your family. I will then come back to you with a plan how we can work together.

One to One/Family sessions can take place either in your home or at my home in Mirfield, whichever works better for you and your child.

One to One sessions are bookable as an initial course of four sessions, as sometimes it takes a couple of sessions for children to "get into" what we are doing, start to feel the benefits and use the techniques and coping strategies at home and in their everyday life. Sessions at my home are £45 for an hour, with the first four initial sessions priced at £180. If you live in Mirfield and you would like me to come to you, they are £50 per hour's session with the first four sessions priced at £200. If you live further away and you would like me to come to you, please call to discuss.

Family Sessions tend to work better in your own home and are priced at £60 per hour, with the first four sessions priced at £240. If you feel that a neutral environment is needed, please give me a call to discuss options.

If you have any questions or would like to find out how these sessions may benefit your family, please give me a call.