Positive Parenting

gentle, positive parenting ideas in small themed workshops, designed to help with issues such as behaviour, listening skills, sleep, moods, tantrums, sibling rivalry and anger management.

In these workshops we will discover and explore ideas about positive parenting together, around a particular subject or theme. We will discuss concepts like the use of language, the function of the conscious/unconscious mind, listening skills, behaviour, the stress reaction, emotions and anger, positivity and true happiness, personal power, response and reaction... and anything else which comes up!

Designed for small groups of parents, these workshops are completely open and light hearted with the emphasis on having fun and finding new approaches to issues together. I would hope there is always something new we can learn, and sometimes we may discover a new way of dealing with the issues our children seem to present to us!

Workshops are held at Mirfield Community Centre and generally 90 mins long, and will focus on a particular issue such as behaviour, tantrums, sleep, moods or anger management.

For details of current workshops, please see the "classes and courses" tab.

Positive parenting workshops are £65 per session, with discounts for single parents. If you think this may be of benefit, have any questions or ideas for an issue you would like to see covered, please give me a call.