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Relax Kids

Relax Kids uses a unique seven step system during each class to help children to release energy then gradually calm down throughout the session to a guided relaxation at the end.

Classes are themed and are fun for kids of all ages, there are lively games, crafts, mindful games, yoga stretches, self/peer massage, positive affirmations, breathing exercises and visualisations in a typical hour's class. The children have fun while learning valuable techniques to help them to increase their confidence and self esteem, calm their emotions and relax.

Previous themes have included -

Time Travel Adventures
Incredible Intergalactic Adventures
Extraordinary Earth Adventures
Detective Adventures
Confidence Bootcamp
Superhero Adventures
Happiness Adventures
Brilliant Me!
Back To Calm
Around the World Adventures
Christmas "Elf Esteem"
Woodland Adventures

WARNING!! Side effects include better behaviour, improved sleep, increased concentration at school and random acts of kindness 🙂

The Relax Kids Seven Steps are:

Move - Movement and warm up games to improve circulation, release endorphins, boost energy and develop flexibility, co-ordination, balance and strength.

Play - Mindfulness games to encourage social interaction, improve communication and co-operation and develop confidence, self esteem, language and social skills

Stretch - Stretching improves circulation and boosts the immune system, promotes balance and mental calm, sharpens concentration and decreases tension

Feel - Peer/self massage lowers stress levels and relieves tiredness, helps relax muscles and calms the nerves, promotes better social contact, respect and communication and improves the circulation and stimulates the lymphatic system.

Breathe - Mindful breathing brings energy to the respiratory system, calms the nerves, develops concentration and clarity and helps to reduce anger, anxiety and stress.

Believe - Positive affirmations promote positive thinking, help to develop confidence, boosts self esteem and improves emotional resilience

Relax - Mindful relaxation improves concentration, listening skills and memory, improves mental and emotional health, promotes deeper, better quality sleep and develops imagination and creativity.
I run weekly themed classes and occasional workshops at Mirfield Community Centre, Water Royd Lane, Mirfield WF14 9SG during term time.

Classes are bookable as a course as they have a different theme each half term, however there is no reason why your child can't join in half way through. Current courses and prices are on the "classes and courses" tab along with a booking link.

If you have any questions, just ask!